500 PIECES HIV Protection Lit

500 PIECES HIV Protection Lit


The professionals at Star Industries have carefully planned and created an HIV protection kit. Our company urges all healthcare facilities, especially those specialized in the diagnosis and treatment of HIV, to be equipped with such kits in large numbers to be prepared for examining or diagnosing HIV in any patient. We supply HIV protection kits to healthcare centres situated all across the country. People must have their HIV test done as a part of their routine healthcare checkup. And during the checkup, professional staff must wear protective clothing to prevent cross-contamination. Customers can make modifications to the standard HIV Protection Kit provided by us.

The contents of the HIV protection kit are as follows.
  1.  Disposable Surgical Gown – 1Pc
  2.  Disposable Face Mask – 1Pc
  3.  Disposable Surgeon Cap – 1Pc
  4.  Latex Examination Gloves – 1Pair
  5.  Disposable Plastic Shoe cover – 1Pair
  6.  Disposable Protective Glasses – 1Pc
  7.  Disposable Plastic Apron – 1Pc
  8.  Disposable Biohazard Waste Bag – 1Pc

Product Specification

Style                                                       Non-Woven
Disposable                                          Yes
Sterilized                                               Yes
Waterproof                                           No
Grade                                                     Medical Grade