500 PIECES Farmer Protection Kit

500 PIECES Farmer Protection Kit


Farmer Protection Kit

Product Specifications

Dressing Type                              Other

Disposable Type                          Gloves

Material                                         Other

Style                                               Non-Woven

Cuff                                               Yes

Disposable                                   Yes

Recyclable                                    No

Sterilized                                       No

Waterproof                                   Yes

Colour                                             White / Blue

Grade                                              Medical Grade

Farmer Pesticide Protection Kit

Kisan Kit knew and farmer protection kit is used by farmers during spraying of pesticides, insecticides, fungicides, etc. These kits are very useful to protect the farmers from the poisonous chemicals from coming in contact with the body or inhaled by them. It comes in free size and can be used by anyone. The face mask provided in this kit is an N-95 face mask which is one of the best resistants to inhaling chemicals. The body coat, gloves and goggles help in external protection from these harmful chemicals.

500 in stock (can be backordered)

Product Description
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