500 PIECES Disposable Delivery Kit

500 PIECES Disposable Delivery Kit


Star Industries helps healthcare centres and nursing homes to be prepared with all essentials required at the time of delivery of a baby. There can be several deliveries at a time of the day, so the nursing staff and doctors must be prepared to have all essentials handy. Our company lets such facilities equipped with a disposable delivery kit comprising protective clothing that must be worn at the time of delivery and after the complete process must be safely disposed of. Each disposable delivery kit is designated for one-time use only. For every patient, professionals must open a separate delivery kit.

Following are the contents of a disposable delivery kit:
  1. Water Repellant PE Laminated Disposable Surgical Gown -1Pc
  2.  Maternity Drip Sheet Similar to Kelly’s Pad – 1Pc
  3.  Disposable Face Mask – 1Pc
  4.  Disposable Surgeon Cap – 1Pc
  5.  Latex Examination Gloves – 1Pair
  6.  Disposable Plastic Shoe Cover – 1Pair
  7.  Disposable Bouffant Cap – 1Pc
  8.  Disposable Cord Clamp – 2Pc
  9.  Disposable Biohazard Waste Bag – 1Pc

This kit can also be modified per customers’ requirements on the MOQ of 1000 kits.


Product Specification

Style                                                       Non-Woven
Disposable                                                Yes
Sterilized                                               Yes
Waterproof                                           Yes
Grade                                                     Medical Grade